Balrok’s Pull List 2-19-14

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Hey everybody it’s your old pal Balrok! Now if you’re anything like me you CAN NOT wait to get the new books!!!
Now that Heroes & Villains’ Comics is the official Comic Shop of CKMT I’m going to swing by and tell ya what I can’t wait to read this week!!

GOD IS DEAD #7 – This book has been really impressive, I love it! After six issues of awesome god vs god warfare and hand to hand combat, the dust has settled and now there is only one left. Which religion’s god would win in a battle royal? Answered in this book! Then took a really interesting turn and I cannot wait to see where this goes! Go get the trade and catch up!!

IRON MAN ANNUAL #1 – I love annuals, just love them. They stand alone; they usually feature a different creative team and usually are either stand alone or completely out of continuity all together it makes for a fun ride…usually. It’s as close to the “what if” books you can get anymore.

CAPTAIN AMERICA #17 – Maybe I was just spoiled by the Brubaker run but man, let’s go Remender start tying some of this together already.

DAREDEVIL #36 – And yet Remender delivers on DD, as we get closer to the relaunch with him heading to San Francisco which I think will be cool, always nice to see the City in books.
SO?! What are you reading?

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