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The latest news from Heroes and Villains Comics.

** Halloween Comic Fest 2014

** See the World’s Biggest Comic Book!!!
Saturday Oct 25th, 12pm – 1pm
Meet local writer and publisher of the World’s Largest Comic Book, Omar Morales. Omar’s original comic, CruZader, is the Guinness World Record Holder for World’s Largest Comic Book Published. The book measures 37 and 3/16 inches long by 24 inches wide.


** New comics we think you should check out!

** We just placed our order and it was jammed packed with great comics we think you will love! It’s not too late to get your orders in to make sure you have these cool comics reserved for you. Here are just a few examples:
Tooth and Claw #1

Harley Quinn Annual #1

All New Captain America #1

Bitch Planet #1

Shield #1

Spider-Man and the X-Men #1

Thanos vs Hulk #1


** How to view our posts on Facebook
Almost every day we post info about the store or happenings in the comic world. Unfortunately Facebook wants us to pay to reach everyone that likes our page. Less than 5% of our fans get to see whats on our page in a day. So even though you like our page and want to see what we post, Facebook is blocking you. To fight this, all you have to do is select “Get Notification” under the “Liked” button on our page.

** Heroes and Villains Saver Service
The Heroes and Villains Saver Service (aka: pull list, subscriber box) is FREE

Tired of missing out on your favorite comics?
Sign up for the Heroes & Villains Saver Service and we will hold your books every Wednesday (new comic book day).

Simply email your list or let us know when you are in the store.

Save 1 to 4 titles and you get:
* Free bag and board with every comic
* 2 Free Comic Book Day Comics – Your choice ordered in advance (we will not hand out Free Comic Book Day Comics until Free Comic Book Day)

Save 5 or more titles and you get:
* 10% discount on all monthly comic orders
* 10% off all new comics, even titles not on your subscription list
* 10% off graphic novels (excluding discount graphic novels)
* 5 Free Comic Book Day Comics – Your choice ordered in advance (we will not hand out Free Comic Book Day Comics until Free Comic Book Day)

Subscription Terms:
* Add or delete titles anytime in person, by phone, or email
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