Heroes and Villains Comics Newsletter – DC 3-D Cover Orders Due!

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The latest news from Heroes and Villains Comics.

** DC Futures End 3-D Covers – Order by May 29!!!
You know what happened last year. The 3-D covers came out under ordered by DC and there was a craze for these books. Now you can get the books you want or all 3-D covers, but you have to order now!

The good news is that if you are already subscribed to a title you will have the 3-D cover associated with that title automatically added to your order. We did all the work for you. So if you subscribe to Batman, you already have a special order for Batman Futures End 3-D. You can add or drop any titles you want by May 29th.

May 29th is THE LAST DAY you can pre-order your 3-D covers!!! Orders placed after this date may not be filled!!!

Collect all 41 covers!

To see more examples of the 3-D covers and a complete list of all 41 comics – click this link

** Heroes and Villains Saver Service
The Heroes and Villains Saver Service (aka: pull list, subscriber box) is FREE

Tired of missing out on your favorite comics?
Sign up for the Heroes & Villains Saver Service and we will hold your books every Wednesday (new comic book day).

Simply email your list or let us know when you are in the store.

Save 1 to 4 titles and you get:
* Free bag and board with every comic
* 2 Free Comic Book Day Comics – Your choice ordered in advance (we will not hand out Free Comic Book Day Comics until Free Comic Book Day)

Save 5 or more titles and you get:
* 10% discount on all monthly comic orders
* 10% off all new comics, even titles not on your subscription list
* 10% off graphic novels (excluding discount graphic novels)
* 5 Free Comic Book Day Comics – Your choice ordered in advance (we will not hand out Free Comic Book Day Comics until Free Comic Book Day)

Subscription Terms:
* Add or delete titles anytime in person, by phone, or email
* You are required to pick up everything pulled for you once a month
* If you do not pick up your items within 30 days, we will notify you.
* If you do not pick up your books by 60 days, your account will be put on hold and your books will be restocked
* If you let your account lapse, we require a $50 deposit (cash/credit) before we will reopen your account
* Special orders or titles subscribed to are not eligible for any other discounts or sales
* 100% non-refundable deposit required on items over $50

Questions? Feel free to ask or email anytime!


** Balrok’s Comic Pull List
Balrok is not only the host of Creepy KOFY Movie Time (Saturdays at 11pm – TV20 Cable 13), he is also an avid comic reader. Check out Balrok’s blog each week as he recommends his favorite comics on his pull list.

Watch for the NEW Heroes and Villains Comics commercial on Creepy KOFY Movie Time starting January 25th! For more info check them out at or on Facebook at


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