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The latest news from Heroes and Villains Comics.

** Super Bowl Sunday
Heroes and Villains Comics will be closed Sunday Feb 2nd so the crew can watch the big game! Well since no Northern California teams are playing we will really be paying attention to all those cool super hero movie commercials.

** Free Comic Book Day 2014

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday May 3^rd and we are already planning for this amazing day!!! Mark your calendars, you don’t want to miss it!

** Marvel #1’s
Marvel is shaking up 2014 with a whole bunch of new releases. Just take this list for example:
Wolverine #1
Fantastic Four #1
Ms Marvel #1
The Punisher #1
She Hulk #1
Loki Agent of Asgard #1
New Warriors #1
X-Force #1
Winter Soldier The Bitter Harvest #1
Get your subscription orders in now, these books will sell out fast. Don’t have a subscription with us, well read on:


** Heroes and Villains Saver Service
The Heroes and Villains Saver Service (aka: pull list, subscriber box) is FREE

Tired of missing out on your favorite comics?
Sign up for the Heroes & Villains Saver Service and we will hold your books every Wednesday (new comic book day).

Simply email your list or let us know when you are in the store.

Save 1 to 4 titles and you get:
* Free bag and board with every comic
* 2 Free Comic Book Day Comics – Your choice ordered in advance (we will not hand out Free Comic Book Day Comics until Free Comic Book Day)

Save 5 or more titles and you get:
* 10% discount on all monthly comic orders
* 10% off all new comics, even titles not on your subscription list
* 10% off graphic novels (excluding discount graphic novels)
* 5 Free Comic Book Day Comics – Your choice ordered in advance (we will not hand out Free Comic Book Day Comics until Free Comic Book Day)

Subscription Terms:
* Add or delete titles anytime in person, by phone, or email
* You are required to pick up everything pulled for you once a month
* If you do not pick up your items within 30 days, we will notify you.
* If you do not pick up your books by 60 days, your account will be put on hold and your books will be restocked
* If you let your account lapse, we require a $50 deposit (cash/credit) before we will reopen your account
* Special orders or titles subscribed to are not eligible for any other discounts or sales
* 100% non-refundable deposit required on items over $50

Questions? Feel free to ask or email anytime!

** Upcoming Releases
2014 is shaping up to be an amazing year for comics. With all of the exciting new releases announced at Image Expo to all the new series from Marvel and DC, there are going to be some great books to choose from.

To help you keep up with all of the new releases, we have a copy of the Previews Magazine in the store. This is the master catalog that we order from each month with over 10,000 items. This magazine gives you a 2 month notice on everything new and exciting in comics.

Want to purchase a copy of Previews? Just ask, they are only $4.50 or you can get a digital copy for only $3.99.

To see what is coming out soon please check out Previews World or subscribe to the Previews World Newsletter and have all that comic book goodness delivered to your inbox. You’ll be the coolest kid on the block knowing all the new releases before your friends.

** Balrok’s Comic Pull List
Balrok is not only the host of Creepy KOFY Movie Time (Saturdays at 11pm – TV20 Cable 13), he is also an avid comic reader. Check out Balrok’s blog each week as he recommends his favorite comics on his pull list.

Watch for the NEW Heroes and Villains Comics commercial on Creepy KOFY Movie Time starting January 25th! For more info check them out at or on Facebook at

** Learn to ink
Want to try your hand at inking a comic page? Our friend Manuel Martinez has done a beautiful ad for Heroes and Villains Comics. It will be in the upcoming Creepy KOFY Movie Time Comic #2. Manuel has posted the blueline version of the art for any inspiring inkers to work on. Send us your inked version of the ad and we will post it on our website and Facebook page!

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