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** Heroes and Villains Comics Newsletter

** We have an amazing new addition to our newsletter!
Balrok del Cavo, host of Creepy KOFY Movie Time, will join our newsletters with a review of his favorite graphic novels. Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for Balrok’s picks of the week! And now onto our New Newsletter Feature…

** Balrok’s Graphic Novel Recommendations
Every newsletter I will be here to recommend a book to you, some are complete series others are stand-alone OGNs but what they share is a place on honor on my personal shelves and are on a short list of books that love.

Marvel – Mark Millar (W) Bryan Hitch (A)
In the early 00s Marvel launched the Ultimate Universe, a re-imagining of the MU in today’s world free of continuity and history of the 616 earth. Freeing the writers to create a new world with heroes was a shot in the arm to Marvel and an easy way in for new readers and interesting for long time readers. While spider-man, x-men, and fantastic four were the ongoing series, the Ultimates (the Avengers of the Ultimate world) was the big “event” book self-contained as more of a maxi-series.

The avengers re-imagined! the modern world of today is the setting as a more real world, darker take on earth’s mightiest heroes happens in THE ULTIMATES!
Mark Millar (a bit of hit and miss for me) writes one of his best stories as SHIELD finds the frozen super soldier Captain America and the eventual forming of a super team to protect earth.
Bryan Hitch (a solid, tad underrated artist) provides an impressive wide screen feel, full of splash pages and iconic moments.

THE ULTIMATES feels like a movie, a gigantic summer time blockbuster and you can see so many elements that would eventually be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but there is a much darker tone at work here. From the grizzled hard edge of Captain America (personally I love this version of cap) to a Hulk that is a true terror and an absolute mess and hardened agent Hawkeye the play between characters feels new and different while still being true to the character.

And of course, mind blowing action sequences that have a size and scope that is really impressive. Brilliant color adds to the strong art and brings a weight to it all.

If you enjoy THE ULTIMATES there is a follow up, ULTIMATES 2 that is ok. It is certainly very readable and a good time just not quite to the level of the original.

WARNING!!!! There is an ULTIMATES 3 and it is horrible. It leads to an event call ULTIMATUM that is just god awful. Now if you enjoy hate reading or need a reason (or maybe another reason) to hate Jeph Loeb the I would highly recommend reading both of these books.
Next newsletter we step beyond the capes!!!

** October Artist Signings!
Friday October 4th – Dan Brereton
4pm – 7pm
Dan will be here signing the brand new Simpson’s Tree House of Horror #19. Dan is an amazing artist that has worked on an enormous list of comics for Marvel, DC, Image, and more. We will also spotlight some of Dan’s greatest creations Nocturnals, Giant Killer (Giant monsters on Mount Diablo? – Yes!), and Last Battle.

Dan Brereton is an award-winning artist, five-time Eisner Nominee, with 25 years spent making his mark in the Comic Book Industry as both writer and artist, working in nearly every genre and for every major publisher, particularly DC and Marvel. He is best known for his colorful painted work, and his comics creations, the Nocturnals. The catalog of his finest creator-owned books can be found through Image Comics. Other clients include Big Wow Art, Disney, CBS, Hasbro, Blizzard, Topps and notables in the music industry, such as Toto and Rob Zombie. He lives with his family near Sacramento, CA. Visit him on facebook or at


** October Artist Signings!

Wednesday October 23rd – Mel Smith
3pm to 6pm
Mel will be here signing his new comic series Death Race 2000. Mel will have issues #1-#3 plus a very super rare “Heroes and Villains Comics” Variant!!! Plus if you pre-order all 4 issues, Mel will give you a free metal bookmark!!! We have seen the metal bookmarks and they are amazing!!!

Mel published the Creepy KOFY Movie Time Comic that was our BIGGEST selling comic for 2012!

Born in Evansville, Indiana, Mel Smith began his career in 1985, at the ripe age of 16, penciling and writing for Pinnacle Comics. He has worked in the field ever since, and during those twenty plus years he has produced countless pages for many companies.

In 1991, Smith helped develop “Chainsaw Bob” as well as expanding artistically towards work for the music industry, designing material for many popular groups.

Today he is happily back involved with comics, first producing the charity comic Feed America’s Children and then the 2007 Eisner Award Winning Gumby series with his own imprint Wildcard Ink and Acme Ink.
Concurrent with this he has developed new series for other publishers, such as Dead Ahead with Image Comics, 7 Lives of Dr. Phibes, Death Race: Lords of the Road for BlueWater Productions, Iron Siege for IDW, Dead Alive with Kevin Eastman and Tony Salmons for Heavy Metal Magazine, God’s Janitor, Recoil, Dead Ahead 2, and a number of other special projects yet to be announced for 2012.


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