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Part of the fun of collecting comics is the search for issues to add to your collection. We are currently cataloging thousands of comics in our off -site storage. Click here for our most up to date list.

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Please note that most titles will not be in the store itself. If you would like to see an issue please contact us at 925-399-5352 or email


We have added to stock thousands of comics that have never been in the store before! All kinds of great books from Marvel, DC, Image, and more. Large runs of titles, complete mini-series, and more! And to top it off, we are selling these books for only $1 EACH!!!

Consignment Collection

We have access to a great consignment collection. This collection contains lots of silver and bronze age comics.

If you would like to see a book on this list please contact us. Only a few books are in store already graded and priced. Most titles are not in the store, please give us a couple of days to get the books in to show you.

*****Please Note******* only a few books from this collection are in the store, it is currently taking 7-10 days to get consignment books into the store for sale. Please keep this in mind when asking to see books.

Consignment Online List