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  • List the titles of the comics that you would like us to hold for you. Please include the full title name i.e. Superman Unchained. By clicking submit you authorize Heroes and Villains Comics to charge your credit card the amount equal to the value of the product you have agreed to purchase in your subscription agreement of items on hold over 30 days. The amount shall be equal the total retail value of the product minus the discounted percentage given to me at sign up, plus any applicable sales taxes and shipping charges.


Save 1 to 9 titles and you get:

  • Free bag and board with every comic (current size only)
  • 5 Free Comic Book Day Comics*

Save 10 or more titles and you get:

  • Free bag and board with every comic (current size only)
  • 10% discount on all monthly comic orders
  • 10% off all new comics, even titles not on your subscription list
  • 10% off graphic novels (excluding discount graphic novels)
  • 10 Free Comic Book Day Comics*

Subscription Terms:

  • Add or delete titles anytime in person, by phone or email
  • Subscribe to any title offered in Previews. You are not limited to just the books we currently carry.
  • You are required to pick up everything pulled for you once a month
  • Items are required to be picked up within 30 days. After 30 days we will contact you by email giving you 7 days to respond. No response will result in account being suspended and comics in your account on hold will be charged to your credit card and shipped to you.
  • Special orders or titles subscribed to are not eligible for any other discounts or sales.
  • Annuals do not count for 10% discount
  • 10% discount only good for new comics for 120 days after a book is released. Discount does not go away on graphic novels.
  • 100% non-refundable deposit required on all special order items.

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Books on hold over 30 days

If an account has books on hold over 30 days, you will be emailed with 7 days to respond. No response will result in the suspension of account. Books held in your file will be billed and shipped If you pick up a portion of comics on hold in your folder, the older books need to be picked up first as they can place your account on suspension.

If you need to make any changes in your subscriptions, please contact us ASAP. Don’t like a title and want to cancel? Email or call us right away so we can remove it from your list. Our email and answering machine are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have to pay in advance for all of the books we order for subscriptions. You will help keep the store open and running by letting us know as soon as possible.


***We will not hand out Free Comic Book Day Comics until Free Comic Book Day, first Saturday in May.

*books held over 30 days may be sold at our discretion. Exclusive, rare, variant, and high demand books can only be held for 7 days