Balrok’s Comic Pull List: 1-22-14

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Hey everybody it’s your old pal Balrok! Now if you’re anything like me you CAN NOT wait to get the new books!!!
Now that Heroes & Villains’ Comics is the official Comic Shop of CKMT I’m going to swing by and tell ya what I can’t wait to read this week!!

HAWKEYE #16 – I am not one to exaggerate but the week when Hawkeye comes out each month is like my birthday and Christmas and Halloween all squeezed together! The anticipation, the new unexpected content inside, and the surprising singular wonder that is this book! Me so happy! Me so happy!!!

THE MASSIVE #19 – This book took a bit to find its feet and I admit at one point in time I considered dropping it. Thinking about that makes me feel like such a fool now. This book has built layers of mistrust, character and now enemies that I have come to really look forward to this book. If you are looking for a serious political thriller time to catch up on The Massive!

WALKING DEAD #120 – Now we’re talking!! Each side has landed a big blow on the other and now the war has come to Rick’s door. I have a feeling this is not gonna be a fun read. I can’t wait!!!

SUICIDE RISK #9 – Ok book, we need to talk. I started reading you at the beginning, from the start! You started telling me a story, a story that was interesting and human and really hooked me…then one week the book became something so different, so um less that I am really thinking about breaking up with you. You have this issue and then I am going to take a hard long look at what’s going on here. Consider yourself on notice!

ALL NEW INVADERS #1 – I’m not sure why exactly but just the title Invaders gets me interested! Plus it’s all new!! Sure I’m in!

AVENGERS #25, AVENGERS WORLD #2 – The Hickman Avengers Era seems like it’s heading for all time greatness, and I look forward to every month’s books!

SO?! What are you reading?

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